10 "fun fact" sur les feuilles (pour les enfants)

10 "fun fact" on the sheets (for children)

  1. Leaves are like the superheroes of plants: they have all the skills to make them live. Photosynthesis to nourish them, respiration to make them breathe and transpiration to cool them.

  2. Leaves are like a sandwich: several layers of cells, each with a specific function, but together they form a perfect whole.

  3. The leaves come in various shapes, such as heart-shaped leaves which are the most romantic, or lacy-shaped leaves which are the most elegant. No two sheets are alike.

  4. The leaves change color in the fall, as if coming into fashion. It's their way of shining.

  5. Some leaves can be used for cooking, such as basil leaves which give everything you cook a pizza taste, mint leaves for a nice refreshment and coriander leaves for an exotic touch. The leaves are as good to eat as they are to look at.

  6. The leaves of some plants can be used for traditional medicine, such as neem leaves which are like plant doctors, they cure all diseases.

  7. Leaves can be used to produce energy through the biomass method, it's like plants are green energy factories. The sheets are environmentally friendly and economical.

  8. Leaves can also be used to produce materials such as paper and textiles, leaves do it all! They are useful even after they die.

  9. The leaves can be used to filter impurities from the water in some parts of the world, it is as if the leaves were little water cleaners. The leaves take care of the environment.

  10. The leaves can be used to create green roofs using climbing plants as cover for buildings, it's like the leaves are green roofers. Leaves are nature's artists.

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