arbre serre paris


Caucasian elm, Japanese sophora, Oriental plane tree, bald cypress… 191 trees are classified as remarkable in Paris, both for their imposing size, their great age, their picturesque shape and the rarity of their species. In this series, Guillaume gives the leading role to this botanical heritage. “I did not dwell on the best known, nor favor the oldest. Rather, I sought to reveal their physical diversity. The vast majority have been planted and many are exotic species. Looking at them carefully, one sometimes has the impression that they impose themselves on passers-by. » The tree in Paris

Weeping willow (Salix babylonica), Île de la Cité, Circumference: 115 cm, Height: 12 m.
Beech 'riversii' (Fagus sylvatica ''Riversii''), Parc Montsouris, Circumference: 407 cm, Height: 18 m.
Japanese Sophora (Sophora japonica), Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Circumference: 375 cm, Height: 10 m, Planted in 1873.
Oriental plane tree (Platanus orientalis), Bois de Boulogne, Circumference: 355 cm, Height: 26 m.
Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), Parc de Bagatelle, Circumference: 505 cm, Height: 27 m.
Caucasian Elm (Zelkova carpinifolia), Avenue Foch, Circumference: 395 cm, Height: 30 m, Planted in 1852.
Holm oak (Quercus ilex), Parc Montsouris, Circumference: 245 cm, Height: 20 m.
Despair of the Monkey (Araucaria araucana), Parc de Bagatelle, Circumference: 178 cm, Height: 11 m.
Chinese Pterocarya (Pterocarya stenoptera), Auteuil Greenhouse Garden, Circumference: 560 cm, Height: 27 m, Planted in 1905.
Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba), Parc Montsouris, Circumference: 330 cm, Height: 20 m, Planted in 1935.
Common plane tree (Platanus x hispanica), Parc Montsouris, Circumference: 605 cm, Height: 30 m, Planted in 1840.
Cypress<span class='notranslate'> </span>bald (Taxodium distichum), Bois de Boulogne, Circumference: 350 cm, Height: 31 m.
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