Découvrez les arbres de Paris

Discover the trees of Paris

The City of Paris has launched a website that lists almost all the trees located in the streets of Paris and in some private properties.

This site is a veritable goldmine for nature lovers, scientists and city dwellers. It offers a complete and detailed overview of the trees of Paris and their importance for the city.

The website is accessible to everyone and easy to use. It allows trees to be viewed on an interactive map and filtered according to their type of location, their district, their French name, their genus, their species, their variety or cultivar, their stage of development and their remarkable. It's a very handy tool for quickly finding the tree information you want to see.

The scientific interest of this project is immense. Most trees are referenced by their sizes, ages, diameters, etc. This allows scientists to better understand how trees grow, their impact on the environment, and how they change over time. This information is valuable for the conservation and management of trees, as well as for improving the air quality of the city.

Finally, this site is also a valuable tool for the inhabitants of Paris. It allows them to better understand the trees around them and to discover new and interesting species. It is a way to better appreciate nature in the city and to better understand its importance for our well-being.

In conclusion, this Paris City Hall site is an incredible tool for nature lovers, scientists and the inhabitants of the city. It offers a complete view of the trees of Paris and their importance for the city. Do not hesitate to consult it and discover all the trees of the city.

Link to the website: https://opendata.paris.fr/explore/dataset/les-arbres/map/?disjunctive.typeLocation&disjunctive.arrondissement&disjunctive.libellefrancais&disjunctive.genre&disjunctive.espece&disjunctive.varieteoucultivar&disjunctive.stadedeveloppement&disjunctive.remarquable&basemap=jawg.dark&location=12 ,48.88854

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