Fragment Paris : créez un herbier authentique et élégant de vos lieux emblématiques de Paris

Fragment Paris: create an authentic and elegant herbarium of your emblematic places in Paris

Are you looking to offer an elegant and authentic gift that reminds you of emblematic places in Paris? Do you want to highlight the natural heritage of your company? Discover Fragment Paris.

Our company specializes in the creation of frames containing the leaves of trees from emblematic places in Paris but also from gardens of authors.

Our activity consists of collecting leaves in prestigious places, such as the garden of the Grand Hôtel de Cabourg, where Marcel Proust began to write La Recherche du Temps Perdu.

We treat and dry them to keep them in their original state, before framing them in elegant frames to make unique herbariums. These herbariums are both decorative objects for your interior but also a way to keep a real piece, a Fragment of Paris in your home.

We also offer our services to companies to enhance their natural heritage by creating tailor-made frames, thanks to our price catalog dedicated to professionals.

For example, the National Assembly hired us to create frames with leaves from their gardens which they then sell in their own shop.

Treat yourself or your customers to an original gift by buying a herbarium or ordering a custom-made frame to highlight the natural heritage of your company. Contact us to find out more about our tailor-made herbarium and natural heritage enhancement services for companies. With Fragment Paris, offer an authentic souvenir of Paris, an elegant gift that will make an impression.

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