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For its fifth anniversary, The Conversation France organized a series of five webinars. Author provided
Jennifer Gallé , The Conversation ; Lou Biasutto, The Conversation and Thibault Lieurade , The Conversation

For its fifth anniversary, The Conversation has scheduled five debate events between September and November 2020.

After two first meetings held "face-to-face" in Paris and Grenoble , the rest of these meetings took place virtually, every Thursday in November. “The Mysteries of the Brain” marked the beginning of this series of online events.

The second online round table, “The life of trees”, initially planned in Metz, brought together:
- Serge Muller , professor at the National Museum of Natural History and scientific manager of the national herbarium,
- Catherine Collet , silviculture researcher at Inrae.

Interest in trees and their secrets continues to grow in France – from the best-selling book by forest ranger Peter Wohlleben in 2017, The Secret Life of Trees , to expeditions offering to take “baths of forest” for relaxation. On the scientific front, there is also a lot of talk about the essential role that trees can play, both in mitigating the effects of climate change and providing spaces conducive to biodiversity.

Replay of the online round table "The life of trees" organized on November 19, as part of the fifth anniversary of The Conversation France.

How do trees help fight heat waves and air pollution? What species to plant in the city? Are planted forests “real” forests? How is the carbon storage of a tree calculated? Here are some of the questions Serge Muller and Catherine Collet answered during this webinar which brought together a large audience. The Conversation

Jennifer Gallé , Environment + Energy Editor, The Conversation ; Lou Biasutto, Editor, The Conversation and Thibault Lieurade , Head of Economy + Business, The Conversation

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