L'âme de Fragment

Fragment's Soul

Capturing the Essence of Paris through the Fragments of Nature

When you walk the streets of Paris, you can't help but be charmed by its green spaces and emblematic gardens. Each tree that stands there carries within it the silent history of the city and the moments that have been lived there. It is this connection between Man, trees and places that "Fragment - Paris" has set itself the task of capturing.

Our unique concept sits on the border between craftsmanship, botanical conservation and emotion. Each Fragment we create is more than just a framed tree leaf. It is a witness of the past, an echo of places that have seen the birth of memories and experiences.

The method is simple but fascinating. We carefully harvest leaves from emblematic parks and gardens in the city, such as the Luxembourg Gardens or Place des Vosges. These leaves, once selected, undergo a meticulous preservation process that lasts from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the species of the tree. They are then framed with their vernacular name and their place of origin, ready to become objects of memory.

Every Fragment we create tells a story. That of a tree that has seen the seasons change, that of a place that has hosted encounters and moments of life. This is why our creations find their place both in the interiors of individuals and in prestigious institutions such as the National Assembly or the Eiffel Tower.

By choosing a Fragment from "Fragment - Paris", you are adopting a piece of the city's natural and cultural heritage. You celebrate the authenticity, the beauty and the eternity of the frozen moments in each sheet.

Each Fragment is a personalized gift, a memory of Paris with timeless poetry. A touch of haute couture for your interior, an elegant reminder of childhood memories, an emotional wedding gift. Each Fragment is a living herbarium of Paris, a story that takes root in your life.

Join us in this adventure where the trees become the guardians of our stories, and the Fragments, the silent messengers of Paris.

Each Fragment has its story, ready to integrate with yours.

Your story, captured by nature, framed by Fragment - Paris.

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