Préservation par stabilisation

Preservation by stabilization

When it comes to the botanical conservation of plants, the stabilization system is a key process that helps preserve the beauty and freshness of plants without the need for watering or light. This process involves using a mixture of glycerin, water and stabilizers to replace the sap in plants and make them more durable.

At Verdissimo, we have developed our own plant stabilization method which includes several important steps. We start by cutting the plants at their most favorable time, then submerge them in the stabilizing liquid for a period of time to allow optimal absorption. Then we let them dry in special preservation chambers for several days.

Quality control is a crucial aspect of our stabilization process. We carry out regular checks to remove any dry or damaged leaves and ensure the optimum beauty of our products. This stabilization process creates stabilized plants that can stay fresh for months or even years, without the need for watering or light.

The stabilization system is therefore an important tool for the botanical conservation of plants and for their sustainability. Stabilized plants are often used to decorate the interiors of businesses, hotels, homes, herbaria and can even be used to create stabilized garden fragments. It is a perfect solution for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of plants without the costs and constraints associated with their maintenance.

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